On Andy Reid:
As a 22-year old lifelong Philadelphian and Eagles fan, it’s sad to see Andy go. I was 9 when Big Red took over and drafted Donovan McNabb (who I think is easily the best quarterback in franchise history. Off field, he annoys me to tears, but he got it done consistently during his time here. Different argument for a different day, though) out of Syracuse of Ricky Williams. I was just starting to really get into football during the span where Andy led us to 3 NFC Championship Games. He’s got the most wins out of any Eagles coach in history, and will undoubtedly go into the Eagles ring of honor one day.

That being said, he had to go. It was time. All season, I’ve seen members of the national media saying that the Eagles shouldn’t fire Andy Reid based on this season, and I’ve been completely baffled by it. As a huge Reid supporter over the years, it dawned on me over the course of this season that he’ll never win a Super Bowl in Philadelphia. Here are the facts: The Eagles are 4-12 this season, and will pick in the top 5 of this year’s draft. The Eagles were 8-8 last season. Andy Reid hasn’t won a playoff game since 2008. Those are indisputable facts.

Why us Eagles fans gripe about Andy Reid: He’s a great coach, and most fans see that. When it comes to schemes and offensive systems and developing quarterbacks, Andy Reid is a genius. However, the in-game stuff kills us. The wasting of timeouts. The draw plays up the middle on 3rd &15. The constant outsmarting of himself, seemingly trying trick plays just for the sake for trying them, when they don’t make sense in the context of the game. The apparent refusal to adapt his gameplan in-game to stop the opponent. This is the stuff that us Eagles fans see each and every Sunday, and have for the past 14 football seasons. Intelligent Eagles fans know that Andy Reid is a very good, maybe even great coach. However, the message has obviously worn stale in the locker room. The way he went out – a 42-7 loss to the Giants – was utterly embarrassing, and it looked like the team simply gave up. It’s over.

And the press conferences. If I had to hear Andy Reid clear his throat and mumble “we gotta do a better job” one more time, I might’ve blown my head off. Time’s yours, Andy.